1. Don’t start without a strategy
  2. Don’t use fake followers/likes.
  3. Don’t share too much in a short amount of time.
  4. Don’t attack every single platform at once.
  5. Don’t just talk you and what you’re selling.
  6. Use trending topics to promote your brand.
  7. Spread your brand identity all over the net. Including forums and other pages.
  8. Be transparent and authentic with your customers.
  9. Always be checking online reviews or be asking for online reviews.
  10. Share employee pics or anything “behind the scenes” to share the experience.
  11. Find influencers to promote your brand.
  12. Use trends as they happen, but plan your content in advance.
  13. Brand your content.
  14. share your own or other articles that would be valuable to your community.
  15. Unique content in the right context is key.
  16. Have a plan before you start and create measureable goals.
  17. Be consistant.
  18. Facebook is a conversation tool, not a megaphone. Learn to be a good listener.
  19. Be personable. Don’t use generic marketing techniques.
  20. promote interactions through quizzes, games and polls.
  21. WooBox, Hootsuite, Bitly, PostPlanner, Canva, and Google Analytics are all great online tools you can use.
  22. People engage 25% more with brands on Instagram.
  23. 93% of customers check Facebook before online buying.
  24. Photo albums have more engagement than other posts.
  25. 33% increase in comments when emoticons are used.
  26. Monitor metrics constantly.
  27. Google Analytics is your best friend.
  28. Share content that shares stories and plays with emotions.
  29. Own your content, copyright infringment is real!
  30. There are plently of free resources online. www.allthefreestock.com
  31. Use Iconosquare for Instagram analytics.
  32. Use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Never on Facebook.
  33. #Don’t #Use #Hashtags #For #Every #Single #Word.
  34. Target your competitions followers or people that visit you.
  35. Always crop your pictures to the correct size for posting.